About the Irving Harris Foundation

The Irving Harris Foundation is a private family foundation that enhances the quality of life for children, families and communities by advancing human potential, social justice and equity, and creative expression. The Foundation’s investments in creating a more diverse, inclusive and equitable infant and early childhood mental health field led to the creation and dissemination of the Tenets.

The Tenets were created from a working group of Irving Harris Foundation grantees and staff committed to advancing work with infants, children and families by thinking about diversity, inclusion and equity as core values in which all who work with families should aspire to. The Foundation seeded the Tenets and plays a central role in nurturing the development of the Tenets. Today, the Irving Harris Foundation also serves as the Tenets Initiative’s fiscal sponsor.

The Foundation is continuing to look for strategic partners to help advance the Tenets Initiative. If you are interested, please contact us.

“It is an honor for the Irving Harris Foundation to be a champion, investor and nurturer of the Tenets since its creation and now in its dissemination. Irving Harris believed in social justice and repairing the world, and the Tenets continue this legacy.

The Tenets push us to be in a continual cycle of reflection, dialogue, action, and transformation because diversity-informed practice is a never-ending journey.”

– Phyllis Glink, Executive Director of the Irving Harris Foundation